Monday, March 7, 2011

Off the Grid is returning to Fort Mason March 18

Off the Grid is back at the Fort Mason, bigger and juicier. 2010 was really a year for Food trucks and carts. From Eat Real, SF Streetfood festival and Underground markets. It seems like every month there is a new truck in town. Pyongyang Express came in last month and were giving away free tacos. Then there were Brass Knuckle, Fiveten Burger, JapaCurry and many more. Filipino food vendors came out of nowhere. There's Senor Sisig, HapaSF, Adobo Hobo and Lumpia cart. Now Tim Luym, the man behind Poleng lounge and The Attic, is bringing his Silog treats at the Off the grid next friday with his WOW truck.

Once SF weekly  announced OTG is coming back I got excited. Now there will be 30 food vendors, Alembic and Magnolia will be doing our alchoholic concoctions and the whole food fest will stay open an hour longer, from 5pm-10pm.

Food vendors to look forward to:

WOW Silog truck - Tapasilog tacos.
Brass Knuckle - The menu itself sounds good: Notorious P.I.G., Meatallica and Elvis Pressedly (Bacon, Banana, PB&J, Jalapeno, Brioche)
3-Sum eats - Blue bottle rubbed Cuban Pulled Pork Sandwich. My favorite coffee + Pork = Love.

Last year vendors will remain such as Chariman Bao, Senor Sisig, Onigilly, Kung Fu Tacos, Sataysfied, etc.

Check out some of my pics last year:

the scene

Azalina's Malaysian crepe

Senor Sisig's Sisig Fries

Sisig Tacos

Kika's S'mores

Chariman Bao

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