Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Taste Marketplace - Foodie Underground

Another underground foodie experience in the bay area. 

I love going to this type of food market because I know that what I'm going to see and taste is something different plus you are helping the local businesses in the area. Like ForageSF's underground market, this event takes place once a month.  New Taste Marketplace is a fundraiser that helps out The Food Pantry and St.Gregory. This is another reason for you to go to church since the location is inside one. I'm not really familiar in this area so when I was driving around I was looking for a church. I saw some smoke coming out of this huge metal grill like gadget and when I smelled it, I knew I was on the right spot. Somebody is smokin some brisket!


So me and my family entered this holy ground and the first thing you are going to see are the people eating their huge brisket sandwiches. Sucks that we can't eat meat until Easter since we gave that up for Lent. So we diverted our focus somewhere else.

The place is quite small but is enough to fit 30+ food vendors, some musicians and hundreds of foodies. Here you'll expect some saucy dumplings, cardamom whoopie pies, Pig, Lamb tacos, Duck confit, mushroom balls, Satay, Chocolate truffles, popcorn, bbq and many more. Check out the photos I took and let the picture do the talking! Enjoy!

Mini asian inspired cupcakes

Home made jams from Aunt Kitty's

Meyer Lemon cake
Yup that's marshmallows and chocolate sliders

Cardamom Pistachio and Rose water whoopie pies from three little birds

Chicken satay

They smell so good. Just smell no tasting

Beautiful truffles

Garlic chili is my favorite

New Taste Marketplace is held once a month at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church.
500 DeHaro at Mariposa, SF 94107.
For more information email

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