Sunday, June 26, 2011

Japadog at home

Japadog is taking over world, well at least in Vancouver. People have been raving about this dog in Canada. It's an average of at least 30 minutes of waiting in line from these food stands to satisfy your half American half Japanese dog fix. It's basically a hot dog with Japanese toppings which includes Nori(roasted seaweed) Furikake(dried fish flakes), wasabi mayo and some teriyaki sauce. Based from their website, they'll be conquering the US this year. I know What's up Dog here in SF has their own version. Hapadog in the Philippines has their own take on this Japadog too. Just watching the video of Hapadog makes me wanna go to the Philippines and try it but since I can't I made my own version of what I think a Japadog is.

I first toasted my hot dog bun. I made a wasabi mayo. Basically it's just mayo with wasabi and a little bit of cracked black pepper. Kewpie mayo which is the Japanese sweet mayo would be great on this too. I boiled my hot dog so it's "healthier".

I toasted some panko breadcrumbs for about 3 minutes. I got some roasted seaweed from Trader Joes. I chopped it and mixed it with the toasted panko crumbs. You're going to have some leftover seaweed panko which you can mix later on with your garlic rice if you want. Then once I've topped the dog with the seaweed panko mixture, I added some teriyaki sauce. Instead of teriyaki sauce, I tried just glazing it also with honey and it turned out really good.

I guess this is the closest thing to the real Japadog. It's not the same but it's damn good!!! The sweetness of the honey and saltiness of the seaweed works well plus the wasabi mayo gives it a real kick. This is definitely a delicious way of eating your traditional hot dog. Next time I'll try the Hapadog way which is dipping the hot dog on a tempura batter and deep frying it. In the meantime I'll go with this "healthier" version!

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