Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bites on Broadway

Finally! Food trucks are coming to the East Bay, Oakland to be exact. I follow a handful of food trucks in Facebook but it looks like they are always in Emeryville. Cupkates is the only one that goes to Oakland pretty often but I can only have enough cupcakes in a week. Fivetenburger usually swings by at night time close to bars which doesn't really work for me. Off the Grid just started to serve Berkeley on Wednesday nights which is pretty amazing. One thing is for sure, You can pretty much get your food truck fix any day of the week. With all the food trucks popping up pretty quick, I wonder how quick this hype would last. How many food trucks can the Bay Area really handle? For now, my goal is to make the most out of this. Enjoy what these talented people have created and taste the different flavors each truck has to offer.

Bites on Broadway is Oakland's answer to Off the Grid. It's a Friday night street food event  along 45th and Broadway in Oakland. I got excited when I heard about this event mainly because I live in Alameda and it's close to where I work. Second is because I love to check out what these new food trucks have to offer. It's no Off the Grid. They don't serve wine and alcohol at the moment and there's no live music yet. It's pretty much a laid back, get your food and sit on the grass kind of thing. Vendors include: 51st state, Fist of Flour, Cholita Linda, Sue's Sassy Pies, El Taco bike, Nick's Wheely Good Breakfast, etc.

51st state Brunswick stew just sounds so goood!
I heard about 51st state and their Brunswick stew but unfortunately they were sold out that time. Cholita Linda is pretty much everywhere. They are at the Jack London and Downtown Oakland Farmer's markets. They serve Baja fish tacos and Carnitas(Slow Roasted Pork) Tacos which is pretty good. Sassy Pies was letting people try their pies and it's not bad.They have the Chicken Pot Pie with bacon on a sage cream which is amazing.

Cholita Linda's menu

Trio of Tacos

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Cheddar biscuit sandwich with bacon, arugula and aioli from Nick's Wheely Good Breakfast
 I can't wait to see how this weekly event unfolds and to try more exciting dishes out of these mobile food vendors.

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