Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday at SF Chefs 2011

What a great way to spend Sunday in San Francisco. I'm lucky enough I got to volunteer this year at SF Chefs. It's the last tasting event at the tent and I'm happy I'm part of it.

SF chefs is a yearly event that celebrates SF's finest restaurants and chefs through a series of grand tasting events, cooking classes and competitions. The opening grand tasting started last Friday night and ended today. Featured chefs include Michael Mina, Chris Consentino, Joanne Weir, Tyler Florence, Elizabeth Faulkner  and many more.

with Elizabeth Faulkner

with Tom Pizzica

I was really excited about today since I've never been to this event before. As I enter the event I immediately saw Joanne Weir and Mr. Outrageous food himself, Tom Pizzica (Finalist during last year's Next Food Network star). I told myself, this is going to be one epic foodie day. There's so much happening inside the tent. There are food tastings everywhere from great restaurants, artisan cocktails, contests, cooking classes and a lot more. I liked most of the food that I tasted especially the pork dishes. The standouts for me were Prospect's braised Berkshire pork cheeks, Tom Pizzica's pork with Korean caramel sauce, Gitane's lamb sirloin, Dungeness crab gelee and tomato gazpacho from The Ritz-Carlton and Munch's Panna cotta.

Here are some of the food from today:

Cliff house - Halibut Crudo

Luce - Summer melon, cucumber and tomato

Vin Antico - butter poached shrimp, tomato relish, corn pancake

Munch - Stonefruit Panna Cotta

Campton Place


Boxing Room - Smoked Chicken Gumbo


Prospect - Pork cheeks, grapes, preserved orange, ancient grains, herbs

The Slanted Door - spiced tofu

Tom Pizzica's ground pork with korean caramel

Orson - Pork and beans

Eve - watermelon, squid and cucumbers

Gitane - lamb sirloin, smoked eggplant, yogurt, mint and black olive

Nombe - Pulled Pork, Toybox tomatoes, Mustard, Okura, Yuzu cream on a Taro chip

Bar Crudo - Marinated Mussels

Calafia Cafe - Quinoa folded with Beets

Terzo - Panzanella

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Columbus cured meats

SF Chefs is definitely San Francisco's greatest food event of the year. I'll make sure not to miss this event next year!

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