Saturday, August 27, 2011

SF Cocktail Week Preview 2011

Last Wednesday, Cuesa hosted the SF cocktail week preview party with their quarterly farmer's market cocktail night. The 5th Annual SF cocktail week will be held on September 19-25, 2011. The event promises a series of booze, seminars, cocktails, parties and even more liquor that will make your liver party like a rockstar.

It was definitely a celebration of great tasting cocktails. There was an abundance of seasonal ingredients like those beautiful pink lady apples, hundreds of different berries, peaches, tomatoes, cantaloupe and different fresh herbs.

One of my favorite drinks of the night was the Melon milk punch. It's the grown up version of what I usually drink in the Philippines. Melon milk.. You can almost find melon milk everywhere in my hometown. This version was spiked with Herradura silver and sweetened by a lemon basil syrup. There was also "salsa" for adults with Hangar one vodka made by Jennifer Seidman of Acme Bar. It really gives the "salsa" a kick. Both full sized drinks were amazing as well.

"salsa shot" with hangar one vodka

Tilden Rye - Hotsy Totsy Club

Roadrunner - Rye, made with Charbay Tequila

Perfectly cut pink lady apples..

One of my favorite drinks for the evening

Melon milk

Now let's talk about the food.. 15 Romolo, Ozumo, Jasper's and Monk's Kettle were responsible for that evening's tasty bites. I can't get over Monk's Kettle's PB&J. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yup, it's Pork Belly and Jam! Adam Dulye made a braised and pressed pork belly with peach puree and arugula on a pan de mie roll. It was ridiculously amazing. It's my favorite dish of the night. I can eat a dozen of those :) Everything was good though. 15 Romolo made jambalaya formed into a ball called Jambolini with Espelette Aioli.

Jasper's fruit gelee

Deviled eggs - Jasper's

house made sausage with mustard - Jasper's

Jambalaya croquette

Jambolini - 15 Romolo

Pork Belly love

Ready to be swined. Peach puree on a mini bun

2 thumbs up

1 dozen please.. Star of the night! :)
This is only a sign of good things to come. If you love to party and drink the best handcrafted cocktails from the Bay don't miss out on all the events from the SF cocktail week. This Farmer's market cocktail night surely hit the spot and Cuesa did an awesome job on hosting such great event that supports local and sustainable farms. Next stop: Sunday Supper!!!

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