Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wild Kitchen Dinner by ForageSF

I'm extremely excited about this dinner. I've been wanting to participate on these underground dinners but never got the chance to do so. Last Sunday, I volunteered for this event and it was such a great experience. I had a glimpse of how it all came together and how it actually works.

setting up

guests starting to arrive

The location itself is very interesting. I walked in this huge space where there's some funky looking couches, interesting old artworks, cone lamps, mannequins, and even a bath tub in the dining room. The whole set up works really well with the whole concept of this dinner. It's such a character and it makes the dining experience more memorable.

Interesting collection

1st floor

bath tub in case someone needs to cool down

ForageSF does this underground dinners every month. The main concept is that the food that you'll eat are mostly foraged. For this particular night, Iso (founder of ForageSF) along with 20 other people went fishing Saturday and they caught hundreds of fishes mainly rock cod. The fish is one of the main component of the menu for the night. Another thing that made this night special was the participation of Hank Shaw. He was the guest chef for the evening. He's the author of the book Hunt, Gather, Cook which he was selling tat night. He hunted the duck that was served that night and foraged some of the ingredients as well. The idea of knowing where your food came from and how it was caught, made and cooked makes me appreciate the food even more.

Here are the pictures of the 8th course journey through wild food.

local caviar of herring with home made creme fraiche 

locally caught oysters with seawater sechuan peppercorn migonette

oil poached rock cod with crisp summer veggies and sea beans

sous vide duck gizzards with duck heart tartare  

rock cod bisque


purslane salad and summer greens with duck fat and grape verjus and fennel seeds

lemon verbena panna cotta with elderberry syrup and flowers

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  1. Nice pics, thanks for your help this weekend.