Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bite on Dynamo Donuts

Donuts for the day

I've been hearing about Dynamo Donuts on T.V, newspapers and magazines. Their donuts are considered by 7x7 as one of the 100 things to eat before you die. I'm not really a donut eater. I've always associate it with cops just eating donuts while waiting for some car hitting 80mph. The last donut I've eaten was Krispy Kreme and it's been years since I ate one. This morning I've decided to head to the mission and to finally satisfy my curiosity.

I got there and there's a line. Not a long one, probably 5 people ahead of me. I'm excited to try different flavors that I haven't tasted on a donut. I'm pretty much up for anything.  Here's the menu for today:

Inside Dynamo

Handmade donuts daily

I got the bacon maple apple, lemon thyme, lemon pistachio, chocolate rosemary, chocolate rose and banana de leche. Whew! That's a lot of sugar! I didn't eat it all though, I shared "some" with my wife and the baby. I got to say I've never tasted donuts like these before. The flavors were just amazing. The donuts itself are fresh and warm. There's also texture with the nuts. It's like a flavor bomb in your mouth. The bacon maple apple is definitely a must try. Lemon pistachio is really great and the chocolate rosemary is unusually good. I also loved the Banana de leche. It reminded me of the Bavarian creme filled donuts in the Philippines only better. 

Coffee + donuts

Lemon donuts

lemon pistachio/lemon thyme

Chocolate rosemary almond/ banana de leche

bacon maple apple/ chocolate rosewater glaze

It's a great way to start your morning and get your sugar high. You can tell they use great quality ingredients. Based from their website, they use Clover organic milk plus local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. I would definitely recommend this place for out of town guests and locals. It's definitely something you need to try even for the anti-donut eaters like me.

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