Saturday, July 16, 2011

Food Truck Frenzy at the Rock Wall Winery

Besides the monthly antique fair in Alameda, I'm thrilled whenever food trucks come to the island. This is the first food truck and wine event at the Rock Wall Winery and all I can say is that it rocks. We went just to grab dinner not expecting anything. On the way to the winery is part of the experience. It's in the middle of nowhere. It's close to the naval base so you'll see huge ships around plus the winery has spectacular views of the San Francisco skyline.  As we enter this huge 40,000 sg ft. plane hangar converted into a winery we heard music playing. We were surrounded by wine barrels. There were couches, tables and chairs. It's a huge lounge area and in front of you were the food trucks.

Lounge area

Not your normal plastic table and chairs 

Love the setting

Emapandas. I think Red Ribbon is better. It's a bit overpriced for me too.

Flavored shaved ice

Pretty good funnel cake

Not a food truck but a food bus. There's seating inside too.

There's a handful of food vendors. There's the traditional $1.50/taco truck, a Cuban sandwich truck, emapanadas, shaved ice, hot dogs, funnel cakes and of course a selection of wines to pair with your food. What really got me excited was the Bacon Bacon truck. I didn't expect to see this truck at the event. There's a lot of buzz about this truck since It's SF's first Bacon truck. I checked the menu and everything has bacon in it.This is definitely where our dinner will be coming from.

SF's 1st.

Even the menu smells like bacon

We got the Pork belly sandwich and the double patty burger with bacon. It was pretty good. I liked the pork belly better because it has different flavor combination. The only thing we didn't like was the 1 hour wait time to get our food. 20 minutes to get our order and another 40 to get it. It's probably because they're new and they didn't expect that much people. It could also be that there only competition I think was the Le Truc food truck. There's nothing really exciting about the menu from the other food trucks so I'm guessing everyone's tummy were telling them to get some bacon.

1 hour to get your bacon fix

Burger with 2 patties, bacon and caramelized onions

Pork Belly with egg, caper aioli and arugula
This was a pretty cool event. Wine, food trucks, music and the view were the perfect combination for this great event and I'm happy it's here in my neighborhood.

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