Monday, May 30, 2011

Food at the Treasure Island Flea Market

Went to their opening weekend yesterday not just for the antiques and the view but also the amazing line up of food vendors. What really got me going is the food truck An the Go, from the makers of Crustacean and Thanh Long. I "liked" them on Facebook and they mentioned that they will be there. I really want to try their garlic noodles and see what the fuss is about. Also my wife is really into antiques and vintage stuff so it works for the both of us.


I think you'll find these on your closest friendly Filipino neighbor! :) 

Vintage stuff

Got there, before 11am and there was quite a crowd but not too many. The good news is there were no lines yet. It's kinda like a mini Off the Grid with some vintage shopping. It makes eating better since you burn what you just ate by walking around and looking at unique furniture and clothes. This weekend the food vendors were Iz It, Bobby the Greek, Pica Pica Maize kitchen, Sataysfied, Good Foods Catering, Harvey's Donuts, Antonik's, An the Go, a Boba milk tea vendor and a waffle stall. It was a really smoking line up considering they were mostly grilling something.

That Pork belly is sizzlin'

menu looks really good

From Pica Pica Maize

Looking good

Pulled pork from Pica Pica Maize kitchen

Donut "sundaes" in the making

Harvey's Donuts

Sataysifed were doing satay 3 ways(chicken, pork, beef) you can get one of each for $8.  Good foods is doing Pulled pork, chicken and some Pork belly sandwiches. Antonik's was grilling some pork. Now this is close to my heart because they do it Filipino style. This is really similar to what we eat on the streets in the Philippines. The marinade is ketchup based with some soy sauce, calamansi  and other stuff. I made sure we bought some to go.

$2 pork BBQ

The original Filipino street food

For lunch, we got the fried chicken from the IZ It truck and An the Go's garlic noodles with coconut prawns. The fried chicken really tasted Chinese but that was it. I think the chicken itself was lacking flavor. I still would go for the Jollibee chicken over theirs. The garlic noodles was a hit. It is not overpowering and it tastes really good. Even my 13 month old baby likes it. I think I can go on eating 2-3 more servings of it. If anyone knows what the "secret" recipe is message me! ;) I'd like to do it at home.

Finally I caught you

Garlic noodles with coconut prawns

IZ It truck

Fried chicken with rice!

The market happens every last weekend of every month until the end of the year. The cover is $3/person and parking is free. For more info check out I'll definitely come back here for more pork BBQ, garlic noodles and to try out more exciting food!

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  1. Perfect pictures! Especially the ΣOUVLàKì blackboard, I can read everything.