Friday, May 27, 2011

Cuesa's Spring Farmer's Market Cocktail Night

It was an epic night of out of this world booze and delicious food. This is another Cuesa event that I volunteered this month. I love working these events not only because you get to hang out with talented bartenders and chefs but you get to try different, crazy, interesting and outrageous cocktails that you've never tried before. The best part of it is that they only use the best quality ingredients out there inspired by its season. This is the spring edition so expect to have some cherries, asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb, blueberries and many more.  When I saw the lineup, I was really excited. Food was prepared by Ozumo, Sutro's @ the Cliff house, Beretta, Slanted Door/Heaven's dog, Revival, Starbelly and 15 Romolo. For the spirits, Smuggler's cove was there with their huge volcano set up. There was even fire on the volcano which I thought was pretty amazing. Their drink was actually my favorite. It was Cruzan rum with fresh orange and lemon juice called the Emperor's Punch. The usual suspects were there like Michael Callahan (Azul), Hotsy Totsy girls, Kristin Almy(Bar Adagio), Kate Bolton(Michael Mina), Alicia Walton (Elixir) and many more. Here are some photos I took the relive the moment.

Bacon wrapped Asparagus from Ozumo. This was my favorite! :)

Halibut crudo/strawberry chip/cucumber from Sutro's

Chicken liver pate with onion marmalade - Starbelly

Rabbit sausage from Revival

Beretta's wild mushroom risotto cakes with taleggio and truffles. These were really good!! 

Shrimp and Pork siomai from Slanted Door.


15 romolo making their Bourbon Braised Brisket

Bourbon braised brisket biscuit with cherry gastric

Golden Hind cocktail from Delarosa - Veev acai, 12 yr whiskey, coconut milk, lemon, orgeat, cayenne, cherries, mint

Star of the night. The Flame Emperor's Punch - Cruzan Rum with fresh lemon and orange juice.

Topped with fresh nutmeg

One night in Bangkok from Keli Rivers of Hotsy Totsy. It has dried coriander infused in this.

#3 Gin punch from Kevin Deitrich of Burritt Room

Before the madness

Sun showed up after a rainy morning!

People do come here for the experience. You won't find your usual Vodka red bull or Gin and Tonic here. It's for the adventurous people who wants to taste and experience something different and exciting. And that's what this event is all about. It's about trying something new using what's best out there.

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