Monday, August 27, 2012

SF Street Food Festival 2012

La Cocina's 4th Annual Street Food festival is definitely an SF food event not to miss. It is one of the biggest food events in the city where popular restaurants and even the pop-up ones are gathered in one street in the Mission to serve food street style. The festival is getting bigger and bigger every year. This year, it stretches from 20th street to 26th at Folsom. The crowd is not getting any lesser as well. There were about 70 food vendors with about 2 dishes and 1 drink each. Nothing also costs more than $10. The only thing that will cost you is your time and based from previous years, expect to wait in line.

Line for State Bird Provisions' Burrata and Fried Garlic bread.

Now that's long.

Everybody has their own mission or strategy when going to these events. For me, I have to ask myself, which food stall is worth waiting in line. So before going, I have to make a list of restaurants to try. Have some friends go with you too so that they can fall in line and you can taste what  they are eating as well. The more prepared you are the better and I'm pretty sure most of the people there have some sort of POA (plan of attack).

These guys sure have a plan. Caleb Zigas (right) is the mastermind behind the festival.

I got to read the blogs and wrote down what not to miss. I even went to the media walk through so I can get a glimpse of what's new and what's hot. So here are the results. My top 5 bites from the festival:

5. Lali's Chicken Blintzes with Salsa

Not alot of Georgian food in the bay area and I wasn't really expecting anything from this lumpia looking treat but it was packed with flavor. Definitely addictive fried Georgian snack.

4. Don Bugito's Wax Moth Larvae Tacos

The most exciting part was the fer's bite/ first bite. You don't know what to expect. Is it gross? Are there any bitter juices afterwards? After the first bite, it wasn't bad. It's actually just a texture thing. Like your eating chicharrones but healthier? Whatever it is, it was my first and it was interesting.

3. Radio Africa Kitchen's Grilled Leg of Lamb

Oooohh such juicy grilled lamb with flavorful spice packed sauce all over it. Wish I had some rice to go with it! :)

Eskender Aseged of Radio Africa

2. Il Cane Rosso's Deviled Ham Scotch Egg

I Love egg. I Love it especially if it's wrapped with ham. I Love it even more if it's breaded and deep fried. It was one of the best bites from the festival for sure.

1. State Bird Provisions' Fried garlic bread with Burrata

Ahh State Bird Provisions. It was recently named Best New restaurant in America by Bon Appetit. That probably explained the 30 minute waiting in line. Like I said before, I need to choose which restaurant is actually worth the wait and for me this was it. The garlicky fried bread is just flaky and just fried to perfection. They topped it with Burrata that just melts away dripping on your bread. They topped it with some flavored salt. It was quite an experience. No forks needed, in fact, they ran out of it. You just have to pull off the bread get some of that cheese goodness and enjoy life!

Here are some of the food and the scene from last Saturday:

Quesadilla from La Torta Gorda

The Falafel dog from The Peached Tortilla

Hawker Fare's Issan Sausage rice bowl

Surf and Turf from The Peached Tortilla

Rice Paper Scissors' fried daikon cake

15 Romolo's chicken wings "Boriquas"

To Hyang's Spicy Pork Ribs

The Prawn Baguette from Eurotrash

Chiefo's Moi Moi: black eyed peas, crayfish and corned beef
Jarred's pickled green tomato fried in lard topped with 4505 chicharrones

From Bahn Mi Love you Long Time

La Luna Cake Pops

The SF Street food festival is a great way to showcase the different talented chefs and the food entrepreneurs of the Bay area. Not only are we helping out small businesses but we also get to learn and enjoy what other cultures have to offer. It's my first time eating larvae but I'm pretty sure it's normal for some people. Last weekend was really an experience. Even if I didn't get to eat every single food from the event, it's okay, I know I ate some amazing food, helped out and supported women entreprenuers, met some amazing people and most of all I had some fun.

More pics at my FB page:!/media/set/?set=a.456453297727933.106343.209952209044711&type=1


  1. Hey! I had looked for your site as first bite and it definitely was not yours... so I'm glad we finally connected. Great post, I love all the food shots, you really got around! The fried bread from State Bird is making me drool..

  2. Hi Sandy. It was night to meet you. Thanks! I think you were the one who let me try those larvae tacos! :) See you on the next food event.


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