Tuesday, August 21, 2012

La Cocina's First SF Night Market

First to have lines was the cocktail area

I am really excited about this event. It's the first ever night market in SF that aims to recreate the night scene from the streets of Asia. Coming from the Philippines, I'm familiar with these night markets. There were BBQ everywhere, fried stuff, booze and happy people. You can smell food everywhere, the smoke on the grills and bright lights invite people to gather and have a good time.

Cocktails courtesy of Rye on the Road

Lou Bustamante cutting up a block of ice.

It came close to what I expected. It was filled with street food influenced by different countries around the globe. There were music, cocktails, beer and tons and tons of happy bellies. I guess the only thing I missed were the usual street food seen in the Philippines. There were no grilled pig's blood, intestines or pig's ear that night but it's all good since I tasted my first fried veal's brain from Azalina's and the amazing oxtail from To Hyang. There were a lot of soup dishes that night which were perfect for that chill factor in SF. There were Chiefo's Nigerian fish soup, Pozole from Los Cilantros, Laksa from Azalina's and El Huarache's Birria. There were also massive buns from Bone and Gristle Boys and Jardiniere. It was definitely a taste of street food from around the world.

Stand outs for me that night were the Laksa, Vada Pav and the Boss Hog.

Fried veal's brain

Laksa from Azalina's

Laksa is a traditional Malaysian spicy soup. This dish was a collaboration from Azalina Eusope ans Suvir Saran.  It consists of hand made thin noodles with a peanut slaw, chili oil, fried veal's brain and a sous vide egg. It was amazing. The curry like sauce is sweet and spicy with some acidity from the lime. It was perfect for that breezy moments. The fried veal's brain is just crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Similar to a bone marrow. Lastly, the egg was a great addition since it was cooked very slowly, the yolk became like a custard. Really great flavors in that bowl.

Preeti Mistry from Juhu Beach Club

Vada Pav
It's my first time having this dish. Vada Pav is a common Indian street food snack which is basically a fried mashed potato on a bun. The mashed potato  is mixed with Indian spices then fried. It was topped with an heirloom tomato and pickled red onions. It was really good. I just wish I can snack on this everyday every 3pm at work!


Definitely an insanely, heart hater, last meal kinda food
A bite from this Boss Hog will definitely wake up your heart. There were 3 kinds of pork on this one. The deep fried pork cutlet, pulled pork and the chicharrones. It was huge. It will spike your cholesterol like a
BOSS but then again you only live once. This was definitely very tasty. It was crunchy, spicy, smoky, cheesy, crunchy and spicy. If I'm going to choose my last meal on earth this will be part of it for sure.

Here are some more of the delicious food that night:

Panuchos from Chaac Mool

Braised oxtail


Nuff said

Pozole from Los Cilantros

Onigilly's offerings. Bacon, crab, chicken, eggplant and shrimp

Dishes from Ken Ken Ramen includes pork bun, tofu bun, jelly fish and octopus

Nopales and black mole

Salvadoran Turkey Sandwich from Estrellita's

Birria de Borrego and Lamb Taco

Locanda's short ribs in Chinotto Nero

Sabores Del Sur's grilled beef hearts

Nigerian Fish stew

Don Bugito's Mezcal marinated Rabbit

Bacon maple kettle corn from Endless Summer Sweets

Fancy Jello shots

This was the very first annual night market for La Cocina and I bet it will just get bigger and better. The scene was definitely similar to the Asian night markets only hipper and with much more style. It was quite an experience and I'm looking forward to more adventurous stuff in the future.

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