Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind the Cart: Sunday Bingo Brunch

Last Sunday's brunch was one of a kind. Michael Davidson aka the GrilledCheezGuy, is the man Behind the Cart. In this event, he takes center stage as he hosts his 3rd pop-up brunch event. In this brunch, people didn't only taste his creation but also other mobile food entrepreneurs as well.

Setting up

Table set up

The first licensed bike food vendor

Dog protecting the Kombucha bar

Sebastian + Simone = S+S gastro grub

I'm digging the concept of this. No long lines, Not a lot of waiting. Unlike some food truck events where you waste your time falling in line and you don't get much information about what you are eating or the story behind it. Here, you get to sit, relax and enjoy your food in a restaurant style setting. It is designed so people can mingle, eat, learn and share stories from the people who make your food.

You smoky hot pig!!

So it's a Bingo themed brunch. Each square with a different food vendor. This way the crowd gets regulated and that guests will have time to talk to the people behind the cart. And for those who gets BINGO, they get rewarded with Bacon Hot sauce! Perfect way to wake you up with a smile! There was also an unlimited supply of vitamin C for your champagne.

Here's the recap:

Michael introducing the vendors

The Amazing food

Eggs being sous vide to perfection
Made by the amazing couple from S+S Gastro Grub. They are doing their own pop up at Cosecha in Oakland >>
These guys uses a more gastronomical approach to cooking. First time I've seen a Sous vide machine from a mobile food vendor. Maybe Liquid nitrogen is next???

S+S Gastro Grub: slow cooked egg in a cauliflower puree with bacon.

El Taco Bike: Torta de Huevo - Scrambled eggs with chile and onions. Perfect hangover remedy.

Talked to Alfonso for a bit and I found out that he's the same guy behind Tamarindo and La Calle. Now, it gives me more reason to grab its breakfast burrito. He told me a "secret" that if he gets 500 "likes" on facebook then he'll throw a party to give thanks! Here you go, like away >>

Unique tea blends by Blank Tea. Sensual tea please! 

Bacon + Mochi = Unreal

Bacon wrapped Mochi by Simply Mochi

Tea party? sandwiches made by Tea and Company

Pomegranate and lime by 23 monkeytree

In a Jam. Get it? The Jalapeno was my favorite but they were all good!

Bread pudding duo by Schulzies. Chocolate chunk and cranberry

Stone fruit Galette
After brunch, there was a Q&A portion for the food vendors. It was cool since the vendors shared their stories of why they were doing what they do. Even though they weren't a lot of questions thrown, people still got a glimpse of their stories behind the cart.

Honestly this event was very inspiring for me. Talking to all those people, learning and sharing their passion. Most of them have a regular day job and they still find time to do what they love to do. I believe BTC achieved its purpose. This brunch became a medium for food vendors and locals to interact, support each other, be inspired, be connected and most of all have a great time.

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