Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bites at Golden Glass 2012

This is the 8th Annual Golden Glass event. I've been to a couple of Golden Glass events and I really enjoy going every time. I'm not an expert wine drinker but I do enjoy it. Unlike most of the attendees that just spits the wine after tasting, I actually drank most of the wine I had. Not sure if that's a good idea but I feel like I don't want to waste any of it. The wines on this event are a combination of local and international wines. This is definitely a wine lovers' event. This is a great opportunity to know the stories about the winemakers since you get a chance to talk to them face to face. For me, as much as I appreciate wine, I was there for the food. I got to taste almost everything and enjoyed most of it.



Here's the link of their vimeo 30 second spot:

Here are the food shots..

Tuna Conserva from A16

Mortadella - A16

Leeks on a puff pastry from Farina

Pastries from Farina

Pesto from Farina

Agnolotti di Lidia - Pasta stuffed with veal, pork and spinach in a veal reduction - Ristobar

Gingered soft tofu from Izakaya Yuzuki 

mini pizza/ pizzetta - Ca'Momi

Beignet - Ca'Momi

Gott's with a smile

Ahi tuna cracker from Gott's

One of my favorites

Pasta Porcini truffle - E' Tutto Qua, another favorite

Harissa smoked BBQ pork - Wo Hing General store

Salpicon - Calamari, cod, orange and olives from Thistry Bear
Team Acquerello

Most beautiful dish of the day. Smoked salmon, horseradish cream, olives and blood orange from Acquerello

Butcher Brothers

Prepping the Porchetta

Porchetta bite from Butcher Brothers

Trio of sandwiches. Bollito Misto. Cotechino, Beef tongue and tripe from Delfina

My best bites were the Porcini pasta and truffle from E' Tutto Qua, Wo Hing's BBQ pork and Gott's Ahi tuna. I love Truffle so I was really enjoying the Porcini dish. Wo Hing's ribs were surprisingly delicious. It was very tender, smoky and has some great flavor. And Gott's dish really hits the spot especially since I love their Ahi Tuna burger. Everything else were really great. the Porchetta was on the salty side for me but other than that my belly was pretty satisfied. Again, another successful food and wine event and I can't wait to check out more of these events this year.

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